We are SOLD OUT of Garlic Seed for the season!

We wish this was not the case! But we wanted to let you all know so that you have plenty of time to find another source for this year. We hope to have a large enough crop for everybody NEXT year in 2022.

We hope you have had a good summer and wish you bountiful harvests.

All the best,

The Pete’s Greens Team!


On average it takes a worker one hour to split 20 lb. of seed garlic into cloves. The fall is a busy time on the farm – spend your time planting instead of splitting! Our garlic seed comes already split into individual cloves.

We excel at growing Music seed garlic. Music is a hardneck variety that is extremely high yielding and vigorous, and produces large, easy-to-peel cloves with terrific, complex flavor. 

Our garlic seed is certified organic and tested free from garlic bloat nematode. The 2020 crop was exceptionally healthy, vigorous, and uniform in the field.  Planting time is fast approaching so get your order in soon!  

There’s a lot of garlic seed out there. What makes ours different?

In addition to the quality of our organic garlic seed, our garlic saves you time AND money. As garlic bulbs are split, the center core and stem is removed and much of the skin falls off.  This causes an 8% reduction in the weight of the garlic. In other words, if you take 10 lb of whole garlic bulbs and split them, you’ll end up with 9.2 lb of separated garlic cloves.

Our Music average 6 cloves per bulb. There are 35-45 garlic cloves per lb. Not only do you save on the labor of splitting bulbs but you’re not buying skin and stem!  Your money is buying top quality garlic seed and nothing else.

The responsibility of Pete’s Greens extends only to the purchase price of the garlic seed.