Vermont Grown Certified Organic Garlic Seed

Tired of spending hours splitting garlic bulbs into cloves before planting?

On average it takes a worker one hour to split 20 lb. of seed garlic into cloves. The fall is a busy time on the farm – spend your time planting instead of splitting!

We have a bumper crop of Music seed garlic.  Music is a hardneck variety that is extremely high yielding, vigorous, and produces large easy to peel large cloves with terrific complex flavor. 

Our garlic seed is certified organic and tested free from garlic bloat nematode. This year’s crop was exceptionally healthy, vigorous, and uniform in the field.  Planting time is fast approaching so get your order in soon!  

When garlic bulbs are split, the center core and stem is removed and much of the skin falls off.  This causes an 8% reduction in the weight of the garlic. In other words, if you take 10 lb of whole garlic bulbs and split them you’ll end with 9.2 lb of separated cloves. Not only do you save on the labor of splitting bulbs but you’re not buying skin and stem!  Your money is buying top quality garlic seed and nothing else.

Price and Shipping

Order in 5 pound increments. Shipping cost additional.

For 5 lbs: $12 per lb

For 25 – 50 lbs: $10 per lb
For 75 – 100 lbs: $9.50 per lb
Email Pete for orders over 101 lbs
We start shipping on Monday, Sept. 16th for orders placed by Thursday the week before. 

Small orders (5 lbs) will ship via Priority Mail on Mondays.  Customers placing small orders should receive the order anywhere in the lower 48  in 1-3 days.  Shipping cost has been added in the USPS options below.

Select your USPS order size

For orders over 25 lbs we will ship via UPS Air in 25 lb box increments.  Customers placing these orders will receive their orders in 1 to 3 days depending on location.
Your garlic seed will be split a day or two before your ship date. Split garlic does not have as long a shelf life as whole bulbs and is best kept in a cooler if held more than a few days.

Questions? Email Pete at